What to take on a sailing trip?

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Sailing is one of life’s great pleasures. Going out for a weekend with some friends to discover some routes, little islands and hidden beaches is one of the greatest sensations of freedom that you can experience.

For this reason, owning a boat becomes a goal, when other priorities have been achieved.

Sailing is beautiful, but it entails certain dangers and responsibilities, with companions, with third parties and with the environment.

Although, in general, taking a pleasure boat is part of a great fun, certain tips must be followed to prevent the party from ending in disgrace.

To travel on a Marinemax sailboat you don’t need too many things. In winter you will have to add more clothes for the cold. However, even in summer, it is worth having a change of warm clothes on board in case it cools down. It will be ideal if it is also waterproof.

Remember to bring a travel bag that is not rigid. A suitcase will be difficult to store on board. Ideally, bring an easy-to-fold sports bag that can be stowed anywhere.

Nautical shoes or shoes with light rubber soles will be useful to be more comfortable while sailing and not to slip. On the contrary, black-soled shoes or boots completely stain the deck of the boat.

A sleeping bag is recommended. On board you will have fitted sheets and pillows with pillowcases. Although it is summer, some nights can be cool if there is wind.

On board there are always some goggles and fins from size 38 on. Anyway, it is complicated to have several fins of each size. You can take turns with others for the fins or bring your own if you prefer.

Personal items that will be useful for a trip on a Marinemax sailboat:

It is very useful to bring a headlamp, especially when there are night watches on a crossing. We recommend bringing a couple of towels, so you can use one for salt water and one for after a shower. 

Remember to bring your sunscreen, toiletries, a hat and sunglasses. Your cell phone charger cable will be needed as well. If you have one, you can also bring your own reusable water bottle, the environment will thank you for it.

Important: Sun creams with suntan lotion or dye will completely stain the deck of the boat, we try to avoid them. If you compose your toiletry bag with natural biodegradable shampoos and gels, the sea will thank you. We want to avoid the high impact of micro-plastics and unnecessary pollution.

Finally, a basic fact before setting sail is to monitor the weather. If the objective of the trip is to have a good time, go to a small beach or make a nice tour, it is not worth going out on days when heavy rains and big swells are predicted. Besides being very dangerous, the trip can turn into a real hell.

For a boat owner it is essential to have his boat insurance from Marinemax. It is essential even when the boat remains moored in a marina.